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5.8G 40CH reversible 25mW to 600mW fpv transmitter




  • Description:
    Item Name:  5.8G 40CH reversible 25mW to 600mW FPV transmitter    
    Item NO.: SJ-T525
    Modulate: Wideband FM Modulate
    Frequency: 25mW/600mW     

    Output Power: 13dBm-26dBm 

    Channel: 40 CH
    Operating Voltage: 7V-24V
    Supply Current : 200mA
    AV input, direct input analog audio and video signals
    Working frequency: 5705-5945Mhz
    Product Dimension: 26mm x 96mm x 25mm ( the singal TX, not include antenna) 
    Weight: 15g ( include mushroom antenna                                                                            



1. Fixed with a super gain 4.5dBi mushroom antenna.

          2. 40 channels ,Cover A, B, E ,F bands and Race band (5658MHz-5917MHz)

3. Output power 25mW to 600MW reversible

4. Easy to use single button and LED interface to change channels conveniently.

5. Power off memory:replay the very last frequency band and channel

6. Built in mini microphone

7.5V output power for FPV camera

8. 6 PIN connector line