The SKY02S V+ goggles including 3D/2D mode, built-in DVR with playback, head tracking, built-in front camera etc, and add some new features like HDMI-IN, channel auto searching, new eyeshade with headband for a more comfortable wearing.

SKY02S V+ FPV goggles are built-in with two 5.8GHz receiving modules, two antenna ports and two independently-working display modules, bringing you 3D FPV flight experience (SCAM302 3D camera and STX202 two-way transmitters required). The two lens of the 3D camera work in the parallel manner so that 3D effect can be enhanced for close shot and reduced for long shot, bringing people an overall vivid visual experience.

The SKY02S V+has a front camera with 640X480(VGA),120degrees(Diag0nal) to protect player while using the goggles.

Binocular Display with 854X480(WVGA) and built-in head tracker function give you a excellent and real experience.

Optional diopter inserts (-2, -4) are available for those with less than perfect vision, allowing these goggles to be used by a majority of glasses wearers. Inter Pupil Distance (IPD) adjustment allows the goggle fit to be adjusted to for nearly any face.




Front Camera

2D/3D mode

Channel auto searching

Image Adjustment

Screen OSD

With Head Tracking

Built-in DVR with playback

HDMI Input

AV Output/Input

New eye shade with headband



Package Included:

1 x SKY0S V+Goggles

1 x Futaba Data Cable

1 x JR Data Cable

1 x WFLY Data Cable

2 x 5.8G 2dBi Antenna
1 x AV Cable

1 x Power Cable